Function Generator Using CA3080 and CA3130 Op-Amps

The schematic diagram shown in the figure below show a function generator circuit using CA3130 in the integrator the threshold detection sections. Both triangular and square-wave signal are available from this circuit’s output, ranging from 0.1Hz to 100KHz (1:1000000 ratio). This frequency adjustment is done only by a single control R1. A voltage control input is available for externally-controlled frequency […]

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Pulse Generator (Oscillator) With Adjustable On-Off Period Using CA3130 Op-Amp

One of the interesting features of CA3130 op-amp  is its high input resistance, because using such high  input resistance, we can build an astable multivibrator with high R/C ratios. The figure below shows the circuit’s schematic diagram, you can see the variable resistors to adjust the “on” and “off” periods independently. Resistors R1and R2 are used to bias the CA3130 […]

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