Missing Pulse Detector Circuit with 555 IC

An absence of pulses could mean an important things, depending on your system, it might be a grip loss when your vehicle’s wheel is locked during braking and anti-lock action should be taken immediately,  a loss of image integrity and your monitor should be blanked while trying to regain the synchronization signal, or it could be any other important things […]

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Phase-Sensitive Sinusoidal Signals Detector

Using the phase sensitive detector circuit below the magnitude of sinusoidal signal can be measured. Beside that, this circuit also can be used to measures 180°-out-of-phase inputs with proper polarity. But, it depends on the relationship to the reference with less than 1% error. This circuit uses a AD741J op amp. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit and […]

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True Stereo Indicator Detects L-R Signal Difference

This true stereo indicator is different from what we usually find on FM radio receiver, which is usually a pilot tone detector. A stereo broadcast from FM radio station contain pilot tone, but a presence of pilot tone doesn’t necessarily a stereo broadcast signal since a mono FM transmitter ca broadcast pilot tone as well.  Since this circuit detect the […]

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