Radio Modem Circuit

This radio modem is popular for amateur radio packet application. This radio modem is powered by the data and control lines, so it need no additional power supply. Just plug to your standard RS232 port and this modem will work. As seen in our previous modem circuit, this radio modem circuit also uses TCM3105 modem chip from Texas Instruments. To […]

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BELL 103 Compatible FSK Modem Circuit

This circuit uses MM74HC942, a single chip low-speed modem which is compatible with Bell 103 standard. This Bell 103 modem circuit is run at 300 baud in full duplex (bidirectional). The frequency and sine wave synthesizer inside this modem chip generate phase-coherent FSK modulation for the best bit accuracy. Here is the schematic diagram of the modem circuit: This single […]

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Power Line Modem Circuit for Home Automation Application

Imagine you have a master controller device that control other devices in your house, and you don’t need to install any additional wires to facilitate the data communication between the master controller and the controlled devices. Yes you’s life will be easier since all you need is just plugging your devices into your power line outlet, the devices will communicate […]

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