Function Generator – Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial for Function generator. This video explains how to use function generator and how it works. The function generator is used to generate waveform. The waveform that is can be generated by function generator are sinewave, squarewave and trianglewave. Using the function generator we can adjust the frequency, amplitude and DC offset. The function generator can […]

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Operational Amplifier and Super Microphone – Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial about operational amplifier and super microphone circuit. This video shows how an operational amplifier works and an example of amplifier circuit for microphone. The op amp has five important pins. they are output pin, non-inverting input pin, inverting input pin and negative and positive voltage supply input pin. The output voltage will come out from […]

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AND / OR Gates – Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial of AND/OR gate. This video explains how the AND gate and OR gate works. AND gate has two input and one output. the rule of AND gate is when both input are “1”, the output is 1(on). The OR gate also has two input and one output but its rule is different from AND gate. […]

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