Surprising 9 Volt Battery Hack! – Video Tutorial

This is a 9V battery hack video. This video explain how to hack the 9V battery and uses it for other devices. First, using pliers, open the chasing of the battery. It’s nothing dangerous inside the battery. There are six small batteries inside the 9V battery. Actually, this small batteries are the quadruple batteries. Each battery has 1.5V. These batteries […]

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Relays: How to Wire – Video Tutorial

The video below explained us about how to wire a relay. We already know that there are two components inside a relay, switch and an electromagnet. Here’s how to wiring a relay. First, put the negative or ground to one into the magnet. Second, put on other wire to power switch inside the car to the positive of the magnet. […]

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Relays: How They Work – Video Tutorial

The video below tell us about how does a relay work. How does a relay work is like this: there are two components on a relay, switch and an electromagnet. When the electromagnet is powered (by turn on the switch inside the cockpit) then the magnet comes alive. When the magnet comes alive, the magnet will pull the switch closed. […]

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