Autonomous Fast NiMH Battery Charger Using Single Chip IC

This simple Batteries charger circuit is designed for NiMH/NiCd batteries. It need no micro-controller nor any programming. Linear Technology Corporation produce the LTC4060, an autonomous 1- to 4-cell, 0.4A to 2A linear NiMH and NiCd battery charger complete controller. Here are the main features: No Sense Resistor or Blocking Diode Required Complete Fast Charger Controller for Single, 2-, 3- or […]

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Simple Automatic Nicad (NiCd) Battery Charger

Many cheap battery chargers usually assume that charging the battery slowly is OK although the battery is already full of charges. All they do is usually charging the battery with constant current no matter if the battery is almost completely discharged or has been fully charged. Off course the battery wouldn’t be damaged immediately after few charging cycles, but actually […]

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