555 IC Linear Ramp (Sawtooth) Generator/Oscillator

The Vc1 increases linearly when the pull-up resistor RA in the monostable circuit is replaced with constant current source, generating a linear ramp. The linear ramp generating circuit and the generated linear ramp waveforms illustration is shown in figures below. Current source is created by PNP transistor Q1 and resistor R1, R2, and Re. Ic= (Vcc-Ve)/Re Ve= Vbe + (R2/(R1+R2))Vcc […]

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Triangular-Wave Generator

The circuit diagram below shows a constant amplitude triangular-wave generator. A variable frequency triangular wave whose amplitude is independent of frequency is provided by this circuit. As a reset circuit, the generator embodies an integrator as a ramp generator and a threshold detector with hysteresis. There is no further explanation is needed because the integrator has been described in a […]

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Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) Oscillator

This is Operational an Amplifier (Op-Amp) Oscillator circuit. This circuit has some advantages, they are this circuit can be operated at low frequencies with relatively small capacitors, it has a completely-symmetrical output waveform along with a buffered output and it will always self start and cannot hang up because there is less dc positive feedback than negative feedback. Returning R2 […]

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