Discrete Bass Booster Circuit

This bass booster circuit can be used filter the input signal as part of internal circuit of an active subwoofer circuit. This circuit is not only boost the bass (low) frequency, but also attenuate high frequency as well. You might consider this circuit as low pass filter, since the high frequency response is not flat, not really as expected in […]

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Digitally Controlled Phase Shifter

As shown in a schematic diagram below, this circuit implementation of phase shifter circuit  is well suited to using digital potentiometer  to control the resistive control element of  the phase shifter. The phase at a given frequency is now under control of a digital signal using this circuit which is optimized for phase-shifting over the audio range. By using a […]

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OP90 Single Op Amp Full-Wave Rectifier

A full-wave rectifier circuit that provides the absolute value of input signals up to ±2.5 V even though operated from a single 5 V supply is shown in the schematic diagram  below. The amplifier acts as a unity-gain inverter for negative inputs. The op amp output is forced by positive signal to ground. The 1N914 diode becomes reversed-biased and the […]

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