Low Noise Audio Line driver

LT1206 has been naturally selected as the components for video application since it has suitable bandwidth and output derive capability. This high performance features  is not only suitable for video application, but also make it definitely suitable for audio application.


The schematic diagram shows the LT1206 combined with the LT1115 low distortion,  very low noise audio buffer with a gain of 10.  With a  5VRMS and 32 Ohm load  (780mW), the THD + noise for the circuit is only 0.0009% at 1kHz, rising to 0.004% at 20kHz. The frequency response is flat to 0.1dB from DC to 600kHz, with a – 3dB bandwidth of 4MHz. The circuit is stable with capacitive loads of 250pF or less. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source: Linear Technology Application Notes]