Transistor MOSFET – Video Tutorial

This is a MOSFET transistor video tutorial. This video provides information about n chanel MOSFET transistor and how it work. When the transistor is off, no current can flow so the one of the gadget wire is disconnect, so officially the gadget stay off. When the transistor is turn on, the current can flow then he both of gadget wires are connected so the gadget is powered up. The n channel MOSFET always has 3 pins, they are gate, drain and source. The drain pin is the pin that current will drain to, the source pin is the pin that current will flow off and gate pin is the pin that used to turn transistor on and off. The max signal voltage that can be used for gate is 15V and the max load is 60V. This transistor can be used in many application like to turn on/off the headlight of car, to switch relay turn on and off, switch led turn on and off and etc. Here is the video :