Light Ignition Circuit

This is a circuit of light ignition circuit. This circuit uses the LIC01 which is designed for high voltage pulse generation circuits. This circuit can be used in many application such as lamp flashing, metal halid lamp and high pressure sodium lamp. When this circuit is used in high surge current operation in rugged environmental conditions, the high performance planar diffused technology device is used. Here is the circuit :


The LIC01 will decrease from an off-state to low voltage on-state condition, when the voltage through the device reaches the breakover voltage. The device will come back to off state when the current across the circuit decreases below holding current Ih.

The LIC01 will turn on and produces a pulse of current across the the transformer’s primary, when the peak voltage across C1 reaches the LIC01’s VBO (break over voltage). In turn, the lamp will receives high voltage pulses which is generated by transformer. [Source: STMicroelectronics Application Note]