How to Make A PCB – Video Tutorial

This is a video about how o make a PCB. This video shows step by step in making a PCB. There are 13 step in making a PCB they :

1. develop schematic sing eagle layout editor
2. Convert to board layout
3. Optimize board layout
4. Print layout to peel-n-press paper using laser printer
5. Clean copper clad PCB material using steel wool
6. Iron peel-n-press to copper clad PCB material
7. Quench PCB material under cold water, remove peel-n-press
8. Etch in ferric cloride
9. clean etched PCB
10. Remove peel-n-press coating using steel wool and water
11. Drill holes
12. Instal PCB components
13. Solder components to PCB.

Here is the video: