Stereo Digital Volume Control

It’s good to use CS3310 because CS330 is a complete stereo digital volume control designed specifically for audio systems. This device has features like 16 but serial interface that controls two independent, low distortion audio channels.

An array of well-matched resistors and a low noise active output stage that is capable of driving a 600 Ohm load is included in this device. Through 95.5 dB attenuation and 31.5 dB of gain , a total adjustable range of 127 dB, in 0.5 dB steps, is achieved.

Daisy-chaining of multiple Cs3310’s for multi-channel audio system is provided by the simple 3-wire interface. This device has an input/output voltage range of +- 3.75 V and can be operated from +- 5V supplies. Refer to its datasheet or more information about how to use this device. [Source: Cirrus Logic]