Positive High-Voltage Hot Swap Controller with Power Limiter

This is Positive High-Voltage Hot Swap Controller circuit with Power Limiter. This circuit uses the TPS2491 or TPS2490 because both of them have some advantages. The advantages of the TPS2491 and TPS2490 are positive high voltage, easy-to-use and has 10-pin Hot Swap Power Managerâ„¢ devices. 10-pin Hot Swap Power Managerâ„¢ devices will ensure the safety in driving an external N-channel MOSFET switch. TPS2491 and TPS2490 usually are used in electronic circuit breaker protection, interfacing to down-stream dc-to-dc converters, power feed protection inrush current limiting and controlled load turn-on. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:

This circuit has the current limiter and power limiter. Both of them ensure that the external MOSFET operates inside a selected safe operating area (SOA) under the harshest operating conditions. Besides that, these devices are space-saving 10-pin MSOP package, available in a small and significantly reduce the number of external devices, saving precious board space. [Source: Texas Instruments Application Note]