Positive Low Voltage Hot Swap Controller with Power Limiter

This is Positive Low Voltage Hot Swap Controller circuit with Power Limiter. This circuit gives intelligent control of the power supply voltage to the load during removal and insertion of circuit cards from “hot” power sources or a live system backplane. This circuit uses The LM25069 that gives in-rush current control to limit system voltage transients and droop. This circuit has programable current limit and power dissipation in the external series pass N-Channel MOSFET. So, operation will in the Safe Operating Area (SOA). Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:

The POWER GOOD output is used to indicate voltage is within 1.3V of the input voltage. this circuit has The programmable input under-voltage and over-voltage, programmable lockout levels and programmable hysteresis, programmable the initial insertion delay time and programmable fault detection time. The LM25069-2 automatically restarts at a fixed duty cycle, and LM25069-1 latches off after a fault detection. The LM25069 has 10 pin MSOP package.  Refer to its datasheet for selecting the proper external components  values that suits your need. [Source: National Semiconductor]