Thermocouple Calibration – Video Tutorial

This is a video about thermocouple calibration. This video shows step by step how to calibrate the thermocouple using the transmitter’s compensation circuit. The thermocouple is calibrated by the fluke model 744 calibrator. First look at the fluke, it shows the temperature is 200 F, using the datasheet of the thermocouple, 200F is equal to 4.907mV. Then connect wire to the transmitter’s compensator circuit. The transmitter’s compensator circuit is used to add the additional mV to thermocouple signal. Here is the video:

Adding the additional milivoltage, we must calculate the real milivoltage of the thermocouple. It can be done manually by subtract the initial milivoltage with the reference milivoltage. So the result of milivoltage is 3.644mV, its similar with the result of the fluke that give 3.647mV. So the calibration of thermocouple using e transmitter’s compesator circuit is done.