Inrush Current in DC-DC Converters – Video Tutorial

This is inrush current in DC-DC converters video. This video explains how the DC-DC converter works. First, the video shows the diagram of DC-DC converter system. IN the diagram there are Vsource, Zsource, EMI filter, DC-DC converter and load. This video shows the graph diagram of the inrush current in DC-DC converter. Graph diagram shows Cin charging and Cout charging. Here is the tutorial video:

The input capacitor of DC-DC converter charge until it reach its capacitance and then release it. When the capacitance of input capacitor released, the output capacitor begin charging, at this moment, the load is full. The Inrush current in DC-DC converters can be reduced using DV704A,DVMN28, and VPTPCM-12.