Op Amp Primer – Video Tutorial

Below is video tutorial about Op Amp primer. Onthis following video tell us about how an Op Amp primer works. The operation of an Op Amp is very simple, just comparing 2 voltages . There are 2 inputs on Op Amp, positive input and negative input. The positive input is called as non-inverting input and the negative input is called as inverting input. If the positive input (non inverting) is higher than the negative input (inverting), the voltage output is go high. If the negative input (inverting) is higher than positive input (non inverting), the voltage output is go low.

We can create a voltage follower with connecting the inverting input to the output. So, if the positive input go higher, the output does and if the positive input go lower, so does the output. For further information about the amplifier, watch the entire video.