Single Input to Differential Input Adapter for Digital Voltmeter

I some cases, a differential input is needed for voltage measurement. Using the only one operational amplifier, you can build an adapter to provide a floating input for your ground-referenced¬† voltmeter. Use 1% tolerance metal film resistor for R1 and R2.¬† Adjust VR1 to give zero voltage output when the input probe is shorted.¬† You can use voltage supply +Ub […]

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10 Watt Car Audio Amplifier

TDA2003 is my favorite audio amplifier integrated circuit chip in 10 Watt class. All you need is just adding few passive components and your amplifier will be ready. You can even amplify ultrasonic range if you wish to abuse its usage, just to convince you that this chip is more than enough to handle any range of audio signal. Although […]

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