Pt100 RTD Current Loop Transmitter Using XTR105

XTR105 is a 4-20mA current loop transmitter integrated circuit, with two precision current sources. The Instrumentation amplifier gain inside this chip can be configured for a wide range of temperature or pressure measurements. This integrated circuit chip provides current excitation for platinum RTD temperature sensors and bridges, instrumentation amplifiers, and current output circuitry on a single integrated circuit. Two matched […]

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RCV420: Single Chip Precision 4-20mA Current Loop Receiver

RCV420 is a special function integrated circuit chip for 4-20mA current loop receiver. RCV420 provide complete 4-20mA to 0-5V conversion, with 0.1% overall accuracy, 86dB CMR, and ±40V common-mode input range. This IC chip is suitable for many applications: PROCESS CONTROL INDUSTRIAL CONTROL FACTORY AUTOMATION DATA ACQUISITION SCADA RTUs ESD MACHINE MONITORING Here is the schematic diagram of the basic […]

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