This is a circuit that provide virtual ground that it is required on single-supply operation. This circuit consist of voltage divider and buffer. This circuit generates voltage equal to VCC/2. The voltage divider is bypassed by capacitor. This voltage is generated and buffered by the TLE2426. Here is the schematic diagram of half supply generator provides virtual grounding :
Half Supply Generator Provides Virtual Grounding circuit schematic
To eliminate conducted noise on the voltage rail, this circuit uses C1 that form a low pass filter. R2 and R1 are equal values selected with allowable noise in mind VS power consumption. R3, a small (47 ohm) resistor, and C2 are form a low-pass filter that eliminate some of the internally generated op amp noise. The drive capability of the op amp limits C2’s value. The overall number of op amps in the design is increased by one, when the latter is used. [Source: Analog Application Journal]