Binaural Synthesizer/Mono to Stereo Converter for Small Speaker/Phones

This simple circuit can be used to drive two high-impedance loudspeakers or stereo phones, taking monophonic input (one channel),  to produce a stereo signal which spread along the midway between loudspeakers when the input signal contain many frequency components. This circuit has two channels, left and right, right channel has high-pass active filter and left channel has low-pass active filter with cut off 750Hz. This circuit is designed for low to high-impedance speaker or phones. In the schematic diagram below, you can see the output is passed through a series resistor. Without this resistor,  uncontrolled oscillation might occur on the output channel when low impedance 8-ohm loudspeakers or phones are connected to the outputs directly. Op amps will drive 8-ohm loads with low volume levels, but give ample volume with 2000-ohm phones, so the higher the impedance the higher the power. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: