IR2156 Electronic Ballast for CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

This is Electronic Ballast for CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) circuit using IR2156. The IR2156 contains a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a state diagram and programmable oscillator to make a full ballast control IC. The feature of IR2156 are programmable preheat time, programmable preheat and run frequencies, programmable over-current protection and programmable dead-time. Protection from filament failures, failure of a lamp to strike, as well as an automatic restart function are the protection feature those included in IR2156 design. There are two package of The IR2156, they are 14 lead SOIC and 14 lead PDIP package. Here is the circuit:

Here is the bill of materials:
2 DCP1, DCP2, charge pump diodas (1N4148)
1 CSNUB, snubber capacitor (470pF/1KV)
1 CRES, resonant capacitor (6.8nF/1KV)
1 LFILTER, filter inductor (220uH/0.5A)
1 CFILTER, filter capacitor (0.1uF/400V)
1 F1,fuse
2 CELCAP1, CELCAP2, electrolytic capacitors (47uF/250V)
2 DRECT1, DRECT2, rectifier diode (1N4007)
1 CCP, charge pump capacitor (470pF/1KV)
1 LRES, resonant inductor (1.25mH/1.5A)
1 RCS, current sense resistor (0.75R/0.5W)
2 M1, M2, half-bridge MOSFET (IRF730)
1 CCS, filter capacitor (470pF/16V)
1 R1, limit resistor (1K/0.25W)
1 DBOOT, bootstrap diode (10DF6)
1 CVCC2, supply capacitor (2.2uF/25V)
2 CBOOT, CVCC1, supply capacitors (0.1uF/25V)
2 RSUPPLY, RBUS, resistor (1M/0.25W)
1 ballast control ic (IR2156)
1 CT, timing capasitor (470pF/25V)
1 RPH, preheat resistor (75k/0.25W)
1 RT, timing resistor (39K/0.25W)
1 CVDC, Capacitor (0.01uF/25V)
1 CPH, preheat capacitor (0.22uF/25V)

[Source: International Rectifier]