SSL3250A Photo Flash LED Driver

We can use SSL3250A (an asynchronous boost photo flash dual LED driver) for mobile application. This device ensure a lot of implementation possibilities because it has wide input voltage range and the large maximum output current at a wide output voltage range. It has long battery life and low power strain because of it’s high efficiency and soft-start. This device has many features which is can be used to protect the battery and LED from overloading, and result in trouble-free operation of the whole mobile application such as overvoltage, overtemperature and feedback shorted protection, undervoltage lockout and time-out function. Here’s the circuit diagram:

SSL3250A Photo flash LED driver

This device (SSL3250A) has two general control modes: Direct controlĀ  (the lower circuit schematic diagram) and I2C Control (the upper circuit schematic diagram). The IC is designed to be directly controlled by the application in Direct control mode. To change the timing and current settings of the SSL3250A, we can use I2C control. We can also use I2C control to switch the driver to Flash mode, Torch mode or Indicator mode. EN1 and EN2 are used in Direct control mode. SCL, SDA, and STRB are used in I2C control mode. In a typical application, we only allowed to use one control mode. More information about how to use SSL3250A device can be downloaded here.