Simple Hot Swap Controller

The TPS2390 and TPS2391 integrated circuits are hot swap power managers. These devices are optimized for use in nominal -48-V system. These devices are build with supply voltages ranges up to -80 V. These devices also rated to withstand spikes to -100 V.

They can be used to enable live insertion of plug-in cards and modules in powered systems in conjunction with an external N-channel FET and sense resistor. Both devices provide peak magnitude limiting and load current slew rate, easily programmed by sense resistor value and a single-external capacitor. These devices also provide electrical isolation of faulty cards, single-line fault reporting, and protection against nuisance overcurrent trips. While the TPS2391 periodically retries the load in the event of a fault, the TPS2390 latches off in response to current faults. [Source: Texas Instruments]