How Air Conditioning Work – Video Tutorial

It’s common if Air conditioner is found in every house In hot country because it’s difficult to survive in hot country without Air conditioner. Air conditioner is an electronic tool that is used to regulate the temperature in the room. This video shows how the air conditioner works. The basic idea of air conditioner is evaporation with a liquid evaporates we feel cool.

The air conditioner contains a liquid like that evaporate on the lower temperature than alcohol. The liquid evaporate inside the house, then make the coil extremely cool. A fan blows an air crossed on the coil that lower the house temperature. The liquid evaporate and turn into the gas, to turn the gas into the liquid, using the compressor. The process will be hot, so there is a fan on the backyard that is used to blow the heat of the liquid, so the gas is turned again into liquid. It is a continue cycle that liquid turn into the gas and turn back into liquid.