Using Oscilloscope – Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial about oscilloscope. This video explains about the parts on the oscilloscope and their function. Oscilloscope is a tool to display waveform. From the waveform, we can know the voltage and the function time. This video use HP 54645D oscilloscope, probe and function generator. The oscilloscope has two channel, A1 and A2. Set the function generator to generate 1KHz sinewave. Then connect the output of function generator to the input of the oscilloscope, A1. Here is the tutorial video:

To display the waveform, just press the autoscale on the oscilloscope. The features of the oscilloscope are analog section, storage section, trigger, horizontal section and digital section. The analog section is used to choose the channel of the oscilloscope, set the position of the waveform, and to set the volts/div. The horizontal section is used to set the time/dive and to set the horizontal position of the waveform.