Blood Glucose Meter with Blood Pressure Monitor – Video Tutorial

This is a video about blood glucose meter with blood pressure monitor. This device has two functions, blood pressure monitor and blood glucose meter. This is really low power device but has a good performance. The features of this device are LCD display, USB connectivity, and card reader that allow transfer data to mobile phone, remote desktop or PC. Beside that, this device also has a pressure sensor MPVX5050. This video shows demo how this device works. Here is the tutorial video:

To use this device, first is plug this device to 9V battery. The LCD will run a test when the device is plugged into battery. It also read a data from register memory to display battery bar that show how much battery still have. The push button is used to choose the menu. When this device is turned off, it will automatically go to low power saving mode. To used as locametri, just insert the strip and put some of solution then the device will show the result after 5 seconds. On the backside, we can plug the low power motor to use this device as blood pressure monitor.