Acceleration Sensors for Medical Applications – Video Tutorial

This is video about acceleration sensors for medical applications. Accelerometer is one of acceleration sensor that usually used in medical application. An accelerometer has six sensing function. The sensing functions of accelerometer are shock, tilt, vibration, motion, position and free fall. This video focus on three areas, preventive method or preventive care, medical equipment in general and rehabilitation. Here is the tutorial video:

The use of accelerometer in preventive care is activity monitoring, where are yo walking, how long you walking, and how many step that you take in the day. IN medical equipment, the accelerometer is used to measure tilt to make sure the angle is correct in many medical application that need the correct angle to work properly. Beside that a accelerometer can be used for monitoring the motion and position in medical application. In rehabilitation, the accelerometer can be mounted to the body to insure that ranged motion an injured people. To monitor someone injury outside hospital.