TPA2013D1 Audio Power Amplifier – Video Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial about Texas Instruments TPA2013D1 Audio Power Amplifier. If you ever have problem with cellphone speaker distortion, now TI has the solution for you. That’s TPA2013D1. This device has max output 2.7W in 4 Ohm speaker loud and 2.2W in 8 ohm speaker loud.

This device has supply voltage range between 1.8 up to 5.5 V. This device has some feature and benefits such as: Features( very high PSRR (95dB), integrated input low pass filter, and independent shutdown for Class D and boost.) For the benefits: removes audible “buzz” at amplifier output, rejects out of band DAC noise by 30 dB, and can drive external device with boost converter.