Ping Ultrasonic Sensor – Video Tutorial

This a video about ping ultrasonic sensor. This video shows how to uses a ultrasonic sensor with Arduino microcontroller. The ping ultrasonic sensor is a  sensor for measuring distance. This ping ultrasonic sensor has 3 pins they are ground, 5V, adn signal pin. In this video, the microcontroller that is used is Arduino duemilanove with maker set. The maker set is consist of breadboard and holes of pins. The microcontroller can be replaced with Arduino mega. Here is the video:

The first thing that must be known is on the ping ultrasonic sensor there are three pins, ground, 5V and signal pin. Then put the ping ultrasonic sensor on the breadboard. After that, connect the ground pin of the sensor to the ground pin of the arduino using jumper wire. Using the same way, connect pin 5V of the sensor with pin 5V of the Arduino. And connect the signal pin to the pin seven of the Arduino.

Now, download the program to the Arduino. The code can be found at Arduino website. After found the code copy and paste on the arduino environment and make sure the serial ports and board is selected properly. To see the result of the sensor, select the serial monitor in Arduino environment.