DIY TriTrix Destroyer Speaker Crossover Assembly – Video Tutorial

Below is video tutorial about how to assemble the crossover on the Aviatrix speaker. The speaker system has couple different version that you can build. There are mass loaded transmission line and channel speaker or we can used it as surround speaker at home theater system. There are slight changes in the crossover based on how you going to use the speaker system is certainly do the instruction all the way through before you start build it to decide what kind of you gonna build or how you gonna use the speaker.

The only thing that you need to build it is just a glue gun, soldering iron, wire stripper, and AviaTrix kit. To assemble the crossover, we can assemble it on a piece of plan board or we can assemble it on PCB. It is best to use the? crossover design for this speaker to ensure the best performance for this specific design. It would be difficult to predict what subtle changes in the sound changing the crossover would have. For more information about how to assemble it, watch the video.