How to Use Oscilloscope – Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial for oscilloscope. This video Shows how to oscilloscope. This video uses an oscilloscope, signal generator, probe and simple circuit. The oscilloscope is very useful for signal analysis. To use the oscilloscope, a probe is needed. The probe has edge ground connection and lead connection that is used to connect to the oscilloscope. Beside that the probe has two modes, they are 1X and 10X. First turn on the oscilloscope, then connect the connector probe to port A1. Here is the video:

After that, set the oscilloscope so that the oscilloscope has a good display. Then connect the probe to the circuit, ground connection to  the graoun of the circuit and lead connection to the positive of the circuit. Then we can see the signal on the oscilloscope, we can adjust the scale so that the signal can be seen. From the oscilloscope we can know the voltage, frequency, and periode of the circuit.