53 dB Stereo Preamp for Tape or Phonographs

With the circuit shown in the following schematic diagram, both channels of this stereo preamp is constructed using  RCA CA3052 quad AC amplifier.  this pre-amplifier circuit is featured with tone control (bass – treble). Make a similar circuit to complete the other channel, since the circuit for left and right channel are similar. To be high-fidelity, total harmonic distortion should be kept minimum, this circuit gives less than 0.3% distortion level at  at 1-kHz testing signal with 1-V amplitude.  Gain or amplification at 1 kHz is 47 dB,  and the tone control will curve the response with 11.5-dB boost at 100 Hz and 10 kHz at maximum bass and treble boost.  For minimum bass and treble knob position,  the attenuation will be 10dB  at 100 Hz  and 9dB at 10kHz. This circuit is operated by a single ended supply for wider range environment. Inputs can be from tape recorders pickup or magnetic-cartridge phonographs.

[Circuit’s schematic diagram source: RCA]