Telephone Circuit: Music On Hold

Some costly efforts have been made to shorten the waiting time for all kind of services in the call center or other business, but many customers still complaining about the long waiting time, so other solution should be taken to handle this situation. Waiting a call hold can be boring if there is only silence on the line, that’s the problem that should be solved. While it doesn’t mean to stop improving the good waiting time service performance, it’s a good thing to present an “easy music”  in call hold, make a long waiting time feels much shorter. This brilliant solution is proven method in decreasing the complaining about long waiting time, or increasing the customer’s satisfaction related to waiting time. This simple circuit (consists of diodes, SCR, and some passive components) allows to place the caller on hold in one room then answer the phone again at another place, or at same phone at later time after doing something. This circuit is called music hold on circuit. This circuit will be turned off automatically when the phone is picked up the second time  and the conversation can be continued.