High Efficiency Switch Mode 3.3A 10A Regulator

This switch mode regulator circuit has higher current output thanĀ  our previous switch mode regulator, but it uses same controller IC. Up to 10A can be served by this switch mode regulator. The output of this regulator circuit is regulated at 3.3 volt, and the input range is 4-9Volt.

The SHDN pin can be pulled high (CMOS level) to shut down the operation, shut the current down to 50uA or less. This SHDN pin must not left unconnected, shoud be connected to ground for normal operation or conncted to 1.5V or more potential to shut down the operation, you can do this by hard wiring, switch, or CMOS logic. To optimize efficiency, this switch mode regulator automatically switches between two modes of operation, burst and continuous, and this automatic setting require the BINH pin to be grounded. When you want the burst mode to be disabled, you shoud connect this BINH pin to the voltage input supply. [Circuit’s schematic diagram source: Linear Technology Application Notes]