AM/FM Antenna Booster

This antenna booster circuit can be used to amplify the weak signal received by the antenna.  Antenna for AM/FM is usually not tuned for the optimal dimension of 1/4 wavelength, since we prefer small portable size. This untuned antenna has very low gain, so the antenna booster circuit here is very helpful in getting better signal reception. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit:


Use around 470uH coil for L1 if you use for AM frequency (700kHz-1.5MHz) and use around 20uH for SW or FM receiver.  For short wave performance, using this antenna booster, you’ll get a strong signal as we get from a 20-30 feet antenna, with only a standard 18″ telescopic antenna and this booster circuit. The power supply should be bypassed by a 47nF capacitor to  ground,  at a point that should be chosen as close as possible to L1.