Simple Automatic Nicad (NiCd) Battery Charger

Many cheap battery chargers usually assume that charging the battery slowly is OK although the battery is already full of charges. All they do is usually charging the battery with constant current no matter if the battery is almost completely discharged or has been fully charged. Off course the battery wouldn’t be damaged immediately after few charging cycles, but actually […]

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Another Symmetric Power Supply Without Center Tapped Transformer

Don’t worry if you need a symmetric power supply and you don’t have a center tapped transformer. The circuit below solve your problem. You can see the second bridge diode is powered via capacitor decoupling, so it’s DC isolated. Because it’s DC isolated, we can connect the ground together to form a symmetric supply. Because the second rectifier is powered […]

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Simple Symmetric Power Supply Without Center Tapped Transformer

It seems that center tapped transformer with a bridge diode is common solution to provide symmetric power supply, but we can actually do it with simpler solution, using a voltage doubler – rectifier diodes. You can see this simple circuit in the figure. The capacitor need to be large because the rectifying is half wave, so you can avoid power […]

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