SMPS Buck Converter Design (1 of 2) – Video Tutorial

Below is video tutorial about SMPS Buck Converter Design Example Part 1 of 2. Assume that Vin=12 V, Vout=5 V, Iload= 2A, Fsw=400KHz, D=Vin/Vout=0.416, Iripple=0.3 x Iload. Now we can calculate the magnitude of the inductance. Since inductance (L)= (Vin-Vout)x(D/Fsw)/Iripple we get the inductance is 12.12uH. On this video also explained aboutbuck convertercalculate output capacitance, buck converter select output capacitor, […]

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How to Easily Design a Complex Switching Regulator – Video Tutorial

Below is video tutorial about how to design a complex switching regulator as simple as a linear regulator – Linear Technology. Linear regulator is very simple. Linear regulator circuit has no inductor and built using a very few component and use for low power application. For higher application, we can use monolithic switch-mode regulators. This regulator has more component than […]

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Class D Audio Amplifiers Overview – Video Tutorial

Below is an overview of class D audio amplifiers video tutorial. On this video will be explained about Class D audio amplifiers, power efficiency, and power consumption. On this device, using calculation on the video, the amplifiers has an accurate efficiency about 90%. On the real word application, Class D audio amplifiers has a good power consumption. For more information […]

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