SMPS Buck Converter Design (1 of 2) – Video Tutorial

Below is video tutorial about SMPS Buck Converter Design Example Part 1 of 2. Assume that Vin=12 V, Vout=5 V, Iload= 2A, Fsw=400KHz, D=Vin/Vout=0.416, Iripple=0.3 x Iload. Now we can calculate the magnitude of the inductance. Since inductance (L)= (Vin-Vout)x(D/Fsw)/Iripple we get the inductance is 12.12uH.

On this video also explained aboutbuck convertercalculate output capacitance, buck converter select output capacitor, buck converter select input capacitor, buck converter diode selection, and buck MOSFET selection.