How to Make A Night Google – Video Tutorial

Sometimes night vision is needed to see in the dark. This video is about a simple night vision that can be used to see in the dark. The night vision is made of Super bright LED, LED, a viewfinder, box, switch and jack. This night vision draw 9V of the power from battery. The super bright LED is built in series array with the 10R resistor on the side. The video light goes to the microcamera and The video light and the microcamera goes to the jack. After that is wired up then store it in the housing. Here is the video:

When it is tested, we can see something in the dark clearly. Compared with  sony nightshot, the simple night vision is clearer. Besides that, this simple night vision also compared with infrared  security camera and there is no significant different. And the most interesting feature of this simple night vision is it can be connected to a digital recorder to record what we can see in the dark.