PolyPhase DC-DC Converter: Voltage vs Current Mode Control Sharing – Video Tutorial

This is a voltage vs current mode control current sharing in a poly phase DC-DC converter video. This video explains the different of the voltage and current mode control in polyphase DC-DC converter. This video starts with explanation of the basic mode control. There are two stage in voltage mode control, buck power stage and voltage mode control stage. In this mode, the Vout is compared with the (Vref-Vout) then subtracted with sawtooth wave and then generate the squarewave. Here is the tutorial video:

The current mode is more complicated than voltage mode. This mode also has two stages, they are buck power stage and current mode control stage. This video also explains about how the voltage mode with current sharing and current mode sharing. Beside that, this video also the performance of voltage mode sharing mode and current mode sharing at loadstep.