Inverting Amplifier with Op-Amp

This is a Inverting amplifier circuit. This circuit is used to amplify the application that requires large(closed-loop) voltage gain since it has low input impedance. The output of this circuit isĀ  an amplified signal with different phase wit the input. This circuit uses a feedback. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: The R1 is 10K and R2 is […]

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Voltage Follower with Op-Amp

This is a emitter follower circuit. This circuit is popular with name buffer circuit. This circuit has gain of 1, so the input voltage is not amplified. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: This circuit is a noninverting amplifier with R2 zero and the R1 infinite. This circuit has low output impedance and high input impedance. The LM310 […]

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Op-Amp Voltage Follower With Bootstrap

The bias path can compromise the high input impedance you would otherwise get with an op-amp as with transistors amplifiers. This particularly with ac-coupled inputs where a resistor to ground is mandatory. The bootstrap circuit shown below is a possible solution if that is a problem. The 1mF capacitor makes the upper 100k resistor look like a high impedance current […]

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