Bootstrapped Twin-T Notch Filter Produces High Q

This is a Bootstrapped Twin-T Notch Filter circuit. This circuit can generate high Q by combining the twin “T” with LM102 voltage follower. The generated Q is greater than 50. This circuit uses small capacitors since the LM102 uses the large resistance values in the “T”. Beside that, voltage follower also used as buffer that gives high input resistance of […]

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Single Gate Relaxation Oscillator

Below is a relaxation oscillator circuit using a 74HC14, an inverter with a Schmitt trigger input. It’s mean that the transition point for an increasing input is higher in voltage than the transition point for a decreasing input. The difference is called the “hysteresis.” Such an input is very useful for a slowly-varying inout or one with noise. The opposite […]

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Varactor Test (Experiment) Circuit

A varactor is also known as a varicap or a variable capacitance diode. An electrically controllable capacitance is provided by this varactor which can be used in tuned circuits. What makes it’s advantageous in many application are the small size and inexpensive. If compared to a manually controlled variable capacitor, this varactor has disadvantages such as lower Q, nonlinearity, lower […]

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